National Theatre Future Project

“I’ll never forget how exciting the National Theatre felt when I first walked into it; and NT Future is all about opening it up – both metaphorically and physically – to more people.”

Nicholas Hytner, Director of the National Theatre 2003-2015

NT Future has been transforming the National Theatre since 2012, encouraging new people to step through its doors and, for those of you who visit often, to do so in greater comfort – with better public spaces, inside and out, and more to see and do during your time with us.

Today, we invite you to explore and see for yourself what has changed.

Thank you to over 140,000 donors who have supported NT Future capital campaign.

The final touches backstage and front of house will continue over the next few months. By the time NT Future is complete, the National will be a place where people can explore and make theatre as well as watch it, and an organisation committed to sharing its skills and expertise beyond the profession – a place that is open to everyone.

Come and explore your new National Theatre.

There are still opportunities to support us. If you would like to see your name on a seat in the Dorfman Theatre, or paving stone on the outdoor Weston Terrace, or make a donation of any size, please contact the Development department on 020 7452 3218.

Why not start exploring some of the most important benefits of NT Future using the links on the left or watch the above film where Rory Kinnear and Penelope Wilton venture backstage?