• NT Entrance photo by Philip Vile
  • Sackler Pavilion Interior photo by Philip Vile
  • Sackler Pavilion Box Office photo by Philip Vile

Sackler Pavilion

The Sackler Pavilion, which has been developed with the generous support of the Dr Mortimer and Theresa Sackler Foundation, is now open.

This is the new permanent home for the ground floor Box Office. The new glass entrance greets visitors and offers direct access into the building from the riverside walk and Theatre Square.

Millions of people walk past the National Theatre along the river each year and previously the building did little to welcome them, with no clear entrance from the South Bank.

By moving the Bookshop from its former location to the rear of the foyer and creating the Sackler Pavilion, the theatre has regained its connection with the riverside walkway and now invites people in to experience all the building has to offer.