The Project – Access

What's happened with car parking at the NT?

The car park has been reduced in size to 270 spaces. We have found that, since the introduction of the congestion charge, demand for  car park spaces has declined and this number meets the demand on most nights. However, it is possible that, at weekends in particular, the car park might reach capacity and customers will be directed to other car parks (not operated by the NT) in the area.

Have you improved signage?

Yes, we designed a new signage scheme for wayfinding inside and outside the National Theatre. 

What have you done about access within the foyers and the auditoria?

Automatic doors have replaced the heavy manual ones at both the main entrance and the Stage Door, while inside a new lift connects the ground floor to House Restaurant and the Wolfson Gallery in the main building.

Accessible toilets have been refurbished throughout the building, and new ones added in the Dorfman Theatre. A brand new audio description room supports our popular performances for blind and visually impaired audiences.