The Project – Front of House

Have ticket prices gone up in order to pay for NT Future?

NT Future is funded by gifts from a number of individuals, companies and trusts and foundations. We review ticket prices each year, and from time to time there are price increases in line with inflation. However we have not increased tickets in order to cover the costs of NT Future. Until recently, there was the option to donate to NT Future when purchasing tickets through our website or over the phone; however, this was voluntary and the amount was at the ticket buyer’s discretion.

What’s changed in the main foyers?

We’ve made several changes to the NT’s front of house spaces which will improve and enrich your audience experience. During your next visit you will notice:

Are there more ladies' toilets?

Yes, there are now more ladies' toilets in the Dorfman Theatre.

What's happened with car parking at the NT?

The car park has been reduced in size to 270 spaces. We have found that, since the introduction of the congestion charge, demand for  car park spaces has declined and this number meets the demand on most nights. However, it is possible that, at weekends in particular, the car park might reach capacity and customers will be directed to other car parks (not operated by the NT) in the area.

Have you made any changes to the Olivier and Lyttelton Theatres?

Vital works have been carried out on stage equipment in the Lyttelton and Olivier theatres to better equip them for the technical demands of modern productions and meet the ambitions of designers and directors.

The Lyttelton’s manual flying equipment has been replaced with an automated system, which can lift the heavier pieces of scenery used in contemporary stage design, and its original hydraulic stage lifts have been updated with a modern electrical system.