The Cottesloe Theatre, which has been refurbished as part of our NT Future transformation project, has now re-opened as the Dorfman Theatre with improved facilities for artists and audiences. Lloyd Dorfman CBE, Founder & President of Travelex and a former member of the National Theatre Board, has a longstanding relationship with and commitment to the National Theatre. His exceptional gift of £10 million – the largest donation ever made to a theatre in the UK – will further the National’s determination and ability to thrive in the coming years. We hope it will also act as a spur and inspiration to other philanthropists, as a powerful demonstration of faith in the performing arts.

Lady Cottesloe was consulted from the very beginning and knowing our aims was very supportive of the move.

We wanted to find a way to continue to honour Lord Cottesloe (Chairman of the South Bank Theatre Board), and as such we have named the ground floor room in our new Clore Learning Centre for him.